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From the Editor: Staying Inspired Whenever Life Gets You Down, Mrs. Brown

Pillow Thoughts by Gina Cochran
Gina Cochran

July was an absolutely crazy month with one crisis after another. We had chaos on the forums. We had chaos at home. My youngest child turned two. We all got the flu to varying degrees afterwards. I've been dealing with what has felt like non-stop migraines all month. It's enough to make you want to throw the towel in and go get a less-stressful job as a cashier at Target. And yet...I get up every morning and start again.

My secret is to stay inspired. And you can find inspiration in almost anything. I've been watching the sun rise over Stockholm via a webcam a lot this past month. Following Google maps to see if it's possible to drive from Malmo to Liverpool (yes!) Listening to an obscene amount of Sigur Ros (my favourite painting music). Taking a mental vacation (much cheaper than the real thing) has been rejuvenating. And I think some good art will come out of the process. I look forward to what August brings.

What do you do to stay inspired and keep creating when life conspires against you? Drop us a line and let us know!

Amie Gillingham
1 August 2008
Get out of the vacuum and express yourself! 


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Amie Gillingham "Staying Inspired Whenever Life Gets You Down, Mrs. Brown"
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Aja "Live Studio: Knife Painting 101"
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Amie Gillingham "Featured Artist: Shawn Marie Hardy"
Amie Gillingham "Featured Artist: Mystele Kirkeeng"

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