Amie (wickedgillie) wrote in ebsq,

Document Election Day Challenge--you could win a Permanent Account!

Join the EBSQ Document Election Day Photography

Tomorrow should be a very exciting day at the polls. And we want to see it.

So here's the challenge:

  • Grab your camera and document your polling place (or other election-related activities, particularly if you participated in early voting)
  • Post your best photo in the comments section of the official challenge post on the EBSQ Blog, limit one photo per person (and yes, the photo has to be your original work)
  • EBSQ will then randomly select one of the participants to win a FREE PERMANENT ACCOUNT with EBSQ (this normally costs $650, folks!)
  • You don't have to be a current EBSQ artist to enter. So please feel free to forward this message to interested friends. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet, meet others in the community, and show your patriotism all in one go.
  • All entries must be posted by 6pm EST on 5 November 2008. The winner (as well as some of our favourite entries) will be announced on 6 November 2008.

So don't forget your cameras tomorrow!* And don't forget to vote!

*some polling places will not let you take photographs inside the actual polling place, so make sure you're acting in accord with your local regulations when you take your pictures!

Have a great month,
Get out of the vacuum and express yourself!

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